Thursday, 16 May 2013


 If life is a story, the most important question to be raised is "who's running the plot?"  Life as it stands has been viewed from different lenses--each culture, people group or individual coming up with inferences that has the most appeal to their dedicated reasoning. As a traveler in this journey called life, I would only be showing prudence if I pause and have some reflections on what the journey I'm involved in is all about. I can't comfortably sit as a passenger if I'm less aware of what this journey's all about plus where I'm being driven to. In a sense, the beauty of life can be fully savored if from an elevated point of view I build perspectives. This also holds true for all travelers in life’s journey.

A more critical look at human beings and you’re immediately spell bound at
the magnificent grandeur that greets every facet of their being. Highly intelligent and smart is how we were created to be. As a people with active minds, we are able to analyse views and pass them through the filter of common sense. It wouldn't be out of place to point out that human beings do have a well equipped mental faculty. The emotional make up is yet another facet that adds to the complexities of these highly placed beings. And possessing free will, which is our ability to choose, we reach the climax of what it means to be fully human.

 It is deemed fit that these highly intelligent beings exist not in seclusion but in mutual interaction and co-existence. Together they are capable of building systems which should be for the benefit and development of all. Our various and unique intelligent inputs have brought forth what we now know as society. But with diverse systems and organized structures, how have we been led to our ultimate good? Can we trust that society really has our good in mind? We can all bear witness to the fact that society hasn't been too friendly. We do suffer the pain, fears and insecurities society throws at us. Society hasn't actually given us a home where we can rest without worries. We still fear our kids don't get involved in gang activities. We face with anxiety the reality of gang rape, which is now on the rise. Higher rates of corruption relinquish every hope we hold for a corrupt free society, and all what not.

Society's flaws are only a reflection of the depravity of all who make up society. Attempts to make society a better place should be highly applauded and supported where possible. But we must be cognizant of the fact that such attempts cannot correct to the fullest the corrode society is coated with. The rate of crime still soars no matter how hard we try to curb crimes. Wars are still waged in spite of endless efforts to promote peace. Injustice and corruption still thrive despite measures to suffocate them. It's like we attempt to proffer solutions for the problems we create with our own hands, thinking we can fully correct the errors of our actions that has from historic times marred society. Is there then a way out from these societal cacophonies? There has to be a way out! So what's the way out? This is a question that lurks around for an answer. Our beings desire rest and comfort. Hope is what we silently cry out for.

It should be clear like a crystal that we have come to the end ourselves. Although we try really hard, we cannot really make society be that change that we so crave and speak about. The major reason we fall short of coming up with a perfect system is because we, in and of ourselves, are far from perfect. The core of our being spells depravity. We therefore need help from a source outside of ourselves and we must recognize the urgency. But we have not been left without succor. Our Creator has offered to help. He's much aware of the dilemma we face. He knows the source of the problem and as such He’s well aware of the cure. He invented the cure, the antidote for the virus that has ravaged right into the core of our being. We must therefore look to him and hope in him for the cure rather than in ourselves. Society cannot be fixed up if we are in need of a fix up. Society, ultimately, is only a reflection of what's on our inside. And the moment that changes, I bet we will barely draw a dividing line between society and paradise, as they would be synonymous.

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